I Will Follow To Eternity And Beyond

 I Will Follow To Eternity And Beyondeternity beyond

Catherine Montgomery is always being told how lucky she is, a belief reinforced when she  lands the most eligible bachelor in town, Cameron Elliott. Six months later, she and Cameron are married, and her life becomes a true fairy tale—everything is perfect. Now three years into their marriage, Cameron is dead, taken from her in a tragic accident, and it seems Lucky Cathy’s luck has run out.

Widowed at twenty-two, she cannot live in a world without Cameron. It is as if he has taken a part of her with him. He would always tell her, “I’ll follow you to eternity and beyond,” and call her foolish, but she flat-out refused to accept his death. She refuses to accept that he’s left… that he went into the night without her. To maintain her sanity, she goes to bed every night wearing his pajamas and will only fall asleep after the candle on the nightstand goes out, as it used to. That was how she knew he was coming to bed. Then she would relax into his loving embrace as he brought her into the warmth of his body. This used to be the ritual every night during their brief three years as husband and wife.

Catherine knows she is living in a fool’s paradise, but to accept the reality is to give up on living and follow her beloved into the night. Her only fear is whether she will reunite with him when she gets there, wherever there is… And more importantly, does she have the courage to take the plunge?

 I Will Follow To Eternity And Beyondeternity beyond I Will Follow To Eternity And Beyond
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