The Flies: A Ghost Story

 The Flies: A Ghost Story11 9The Flies

When Jamie Bradshaw’s husband up and leaves her, he leaves a void that can’t be filled. Sick and lonely, Jamie is doing the best she can to cope, but the ghost that resides in her home decides to come out to play with her.

Night after night, Jamie can’t go to sleep because of the ruckus the ghost is making in her home. Desperate for a solution, Jamie seeks help from a local church. What she discovers when the pastor performs an intervention leaves Jamie with bigger problems than she had before.

Can this pastor deliver what he promises, or can a long-suffering entity connect with Jamie in a way she’s never dreamed anyone could in this life or the next?

This is a book that will leave you examining every sound you hear in your house. This Halloween nothing is as it appears. The ghosts that target Jamie is frighteningly real.

 The Flies: A Ghost Story11 9 The Flies: A Ghost Story
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