The Englishman’s Folly

 The Englishmans Follyfolly1

Zoey Warwick knows she wants to escape her life of poverty in the small coastal village of Penzance in Cornwall, England. So she sets out to find the one man she thinks will help her better her lot, in more ways than one. She wants a rich man, but she wants a rich man she can fall in love with—a man who can fulfill the fantasy she’s been embracing ever since she walked out of her brief marriage.

Dangerously seductive, Declan Murphy has all the trappings of wealth that Zoey craves. He’s tall, good looking, and he also has a full head of hair, the most piercing obsidian eyes, and a generous mouth with lips to die for. On the plus side, he appears to be infatuated with her the moment they meet at the antique appraisal faire the humane society is hosting in her town, but Zoey is leery, he looks too perfect, there had to be a catch; a man so attractive wouldn’t be single and available—she would tread carefully.

She’s there trying to discover if the vase she picked out of the trash from her deceased grandma’s room has any value. He’s there looking for one more piece of treasure to add to his collection—and, according to him, he’s found it in Zoey.

But Zoey has no intention of giving in so easily. She has to check out the goods before she’ll commit, “once bitten, twice shy.” The plan she devises to examine the goods and the shock she receives when she finally gets to sample them are the stuff legends are made of. Did Zoey take on more than she can handle…?


 The Englishmans Follyfolly1 The Englishman's Folly
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