The Complaisant Lover

 The Complaisant Lovercomplaisant

To rid himself of the unrequited love he feels for one of his clients, Warren Melbourne thinks it best to keep his distance and not visit her office when she calls for him, but he soon finds out it’s easier to plan than it is to execute. He has no defense against her. He cannot refuse her. He lives for the sound of her voice…if only she would acknowledge him—just ONCE! But how can she when she’s always in the company of her husband? God forgive him, he likes the husband, just not for her.

Cassandra Corwin thinks she’s happily married to her high school sweetheart until she hires Warren to design a couple pieces of furniture for her new project. He is shy and retiring, but she gets the distinct impression that he’s putting on an act and underneath all that easy-going attitude is a sleeping tiger. She senses it in him every time he comes near her, but try as she might, she cannot get him to let his guard down. She knows she should let sleeping dog lie, as the old adage goes, but the devil in her wants to poke him to get a rise out of him. And then there’s her husband. Everyone thinks they’re the perfect couple, but are they?

 The Complaisant Lovercomplaisant lover The Complaisant Lover
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