Complete Surrender

 Reviews5star1 Would completely surrender to each brother!!!!!, By Izzibella Beau – See all my reviews

This review is from: Complete Surrender (LaCasse) (Kindle Edition)
Complete Surrender is another breath-taking novel. I am in love with each of the Lacasse brothers characters. Foxx, Wolfe, and Raymond all scream sex appeal, masculinity, and devoting partner in their own separate ways. I love the family theme that has developed throughout the story and how each looks out for the other. Raymond and Gabrielle have a heated start from the beginning, in the shared cab-ride, to the end when they…I’m not doing a spoiler, so y’all will just have to read to find out what happens. I can give one insight, you definitely won’t be disappointed. There was romance, intrigue, mystery, and whole lot of heat in this book. Complete Surrender is not a book where you can put it down and go back a week later. This book will keep calling your name, pulling you into the storyline, loving the characters, and having you go back to read the next chapter ten minutes after you put it down or walk away from your computer. Great job once again JuEphraime on another potentially award winning novel!!

Against All Odds

 Reviews5star1Beautiful Love Story, By Wendi Hulsey. (Deltona, Fl)

This review is from: Against All Odds (Kindle Edition)
My heart was breaking as I read the first chapter and was finding out how Shannon broke Jayden’s heart. Then the story magically took a turn and I was drawn in by the attraction that Jayden had for Genna. It’s a beautiful story about how the heart can heal with the love of another. Ephraime weaves in hot sex, romance, suspense, making you feel every emotion possible throughout the book. This is a story well written and I look forward to reading many more by this author. Well done.

Footsteps in the Sand

 Reviews5star1A realistic touching story, By SabriBebawi (Long Beach, CA)

This review is from: Footsteps in the Sand (Kindle Edition)
This deserves a five star. The content, the flow and the fluid dialogue made this a pleasure to read. Some lines touched my heart deeply as they pertain to human nature, an area in which I am deeply interested. The despair we all experience “Oh Nocola, why did you have to leave?” –Many have asked similar questions. The story is one that touches the inner soul. Ju’s vivid description of the events is certainly superior for its realism. Her narrative is specially gripping. Well done, Ju. Keep on providing us with the thoughts of your beautiful mind. Dr. SabriBebawi

White Magic Woman

 Reviews5star1 Reviewed By: Linda Tonis

Todd Montgomery is a newly married man who works with the Malaria Researach and Reference Reagent Resource Center. He has been sent to St. Lucia to discover a cure for a new strain of Malaria that is not responding to the usual treatments. His assignment is for two years keeping him away from his wife for long periods of time. But, in spite of the time he spends apart from her he does not seek out other women.
For the past three months something strange has been happening to Todd, he has been having dreams of a woman using his body like her own personal play thing. It doesn’t take long for what he believed to be a dream to actually be reality. A woman is essentially raping him nightly and his greatest fear is that it will destroy his marriage. Not knowing what to do he returns home for a short visit and finds out that he is unable to have an erection even with the woman he loves more than life itself. Unwilling to explain the situation to his wife Simonia he returns to St. Lucia and seeks out the help of an Obeah, a woman with a knowledge of magic that may be able to stop what is happening.

Apparently a sorceress has taken a liking to Todd and even when he uses the tools given to him by the Obeah he is still visited nightly. With no other choice Todd leaves his position and returns home. He is convinced that the witch will not be able to follow him back to New South Wales, his home.
Things between Todd and Simonia are once again back to normal, their sex life is as active as it ever was and he is beginning to believe he was right, the witch could not follow him. One night his belief is shattered when he wakes up in the bathroom covered in bruises and bite marks. He can no longer hide what is happening and confesses to Simonia. She immediately contacts her Papino who is an aborigini for help. Simonia and Todd have no choice but to return to where the trouble all began, St. Lucia. It is there they must stop the witch.

Todd believes the witch is a new waitress at a restaurant he used to go to, she is beautiful and makes him feel strange when he is around her, but is it her? She seems to be the most obvious one but magic can be very powerful and can make you believe something that is not true. Can Todd and Simonia stop the witch? Is there love stronger than the witch’s magic?

This was a very interesting novel and there were surprises, suspense and magic. Simonia and Todd are two characters you just can’t help rooting for, their love for each other is beautiful.

A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany

 Reviews5star1 Reviewed By John H. Manhold

A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany ISBN: 9780983602989, ENVISION Business and Computer School Publishing, e-book by JuEphraime is a story of romance set in the lush Caribbean Island of St Lucia.

Melissa Molyneux is an island native of mixed heritage, but favoring the somewhat more refined features and a somewhat taller stature of the early Indian inhabitants that placed her at a height a little above that of most of the Caribbean Island’s men. She is a paralegal employed by one of the larger law firms and daily rides the bus to and from work. Because the bus always is overcrowded and, if not early enough to get a seat, she is forced to stand in the closely packed mass where the male riders constantly attempt to explore her anatomy. She is late and rushing around a corner to the bus stop when she collides forcefully with Craig Holland, the most beautiful hunk of man she ever has looked upon. He grabs her tightly to keep her from falling and the tale of a growing love begins to unfold.

The story and its gradual progression to a satisfying ending includes all of the essentials of a good romance – an initial mutual sexual attraction, a consuming mental conflict with respect to aspects of the relationship, the presence of an `anti-hero’, and the effect that significant others exert on their relationship, the whole permeated by an overlying sexual tension, punctuated with episodes of steamy sexual activity.

In summary, JuEphraime has provided another romance that readers of the genre should love. This time the story is set in the present day Caribbean – a setting where readers will find the steamy sexuality to be a natural part of the culture, as it is in most islands including even the less travelled parts of Hawaii, Samoa and others. Reviewed by John H. Manhold, award winning fiction/non-fiction author.

The Odor of Violet

 Reviews5star1Sizzling passion interweaves with gentle love, By MickiPeluso

When Damien Falconer awakens from a serious accident he sees only the dark of blindness. This gorgeous hunk of a man, active in all areas of life and successful in business, is no quitter. Yet his newly empty world turns him into a self-imposed recluse.

Enter Lisa — a trained nurse taking over for Damien’s accountant, who’s been caring for him but now needs to leave. He’s not happy with the idea of a female tending his needs, yet the lilting smile he hears in her voice and the remarkable scent of violet exuding from her body wafts over him, stirring his curiosity as well as other parts of his body.

It isn’t long before it Damien reaches out for Lisa during her nighttime check up on him, and begins kissing her. His pent up passion sends him beyond reason and Lisa responds just as hungrily. Damien does not need his sight to know her body, smell her scent, and send them both into wild lust-filled sex beyond anything he’s ever experienced.

Both Damien and Lisa have bruised egos from bad past relationships; especially Damien, who assumed his love, Shelly, would be there for him. Instead, she took off, not wanting the bother of dealing with a handicapped man. Perhaps that’s what made the sexually hot, overly masculine man become impotent for the first time in his life. With Lisa, only her self-esteem is bruised. The bond between them intensifies as their newly found love for each other matches the primal fire of lust which can’t seem to be quenched. His fear of permanent impotency is quickly extinguished. Yet Damien fears Lisa, like Shelly, might not want to share a life with a sightless man.

Author JuEphraime, once again, writes a romantic erotic novel with both heart and light humor, sure to appeal to readers who enjoy this genre. She brings even more charm and sweetness to the story with its unexpected but deeply satisfying climax. Fans and new readers, after reading, `The Odor of Violet’, will want to move on to her latest novel, `A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany,’ available wherever books are sold.

Temptation to Sin

 Reviews5star1By Ernest Miller

My wife is an avid reader and enjoys a variety of different books. However, romance novels are the ones that seem to pique her interest the most. Since her birthday was around the corner I decided to buy her a kindle and load it with an assortment of books for her reading enjoyment. I picked thirty novels with the help and recommendation of friends and family. This particular book was picked out by my little cousin. She was very adamant that I buy this one for my wife. Her recommendation couldn’t have been higher.

Since the book came so highly recommended, I decided to check it out for myself. Not being a particular fan of the genre, I couldn’t have been more surprised. This story definitely hits every cord it attempts to strike and then some. We are introduced to the character Shannon as she describes the meticulous nature of her extended relationship to her childhood friend Gregory. Things have not been going well over the past eight years and she decided to call it quits. Enter Brent, Gregory’s friend who seeks revenge by hatching a scheme to swoon Shannon in order to break her heart in the end.

If this little introductory synopsis has hooked your attention then you’ll want to purchase this book immediately. I read through it in a day but my wife plowed through it in merely a couple of hours. She couldn’t stop reading it. Every once and I while I’d hear her wince or start clapping. She really got into it and couldn’t stop talking about it days after she read it. I don’t even think she has touched any of the other books I bought her.

This is one of those stories that will definitely surprise you and take your emotions on a rollercoaster ride. If my wife is any indication, I believe the evidence speaks for itself. You better hold on tight because this story is going to take you through one wild ride.

State of Ecstasy

 Reviews5star1By Brandon Connell

State of Ecstasy is a hot, steamy, romance novel, and in the true style of this author, it does not disappoint. The author’s style is uniquely different. Her heroines are strong, powerful women, who happen to know their own minds and know what they want. I read two of her other books, Temptation to Sin and The Man In The Black Top Hat, and I loved them all. If you are in the market for high heat romance, with strong female characters, then these are the books for you. I can’t wait for her next book.

Loving Therèse

 Reviews5star1Every bit of sumptuous, By Romantic-at-heart

“Loving Therese” is set on the beautiful, French Caribbean island of Martinique. The author did a great job of describing the island in sounds and smells–from the lilting creole spoken by the natives, to the rich sound of the steel pans, the perfusion of the floral perfume and the oh so splendid cuisine.

Like the island on which it’s set, and its native Martiniquais, “loving Therese” serves up sumptuous fare, with an almost reckless passion that leaves your mouth watering. The story, and more importantly, Foxx and Therese’s relationship moves at a very realistic pace, with none of that unnecessary tedium you can sometimes get in romance novels.

Much like the name implies, there’s some [very hot] loving going on between Foxx and Therese. Thankfully, the author doesn’t go overboard with it, where the main characters are in bed on every other page like some romance authors are known to do, which quite honestly is a bit unrealistic. Foxx and Therese’s love and passion for each other is reminiscent of how relationships between two people who love each other tend to go. And in fact, I found that in “Loving Therese,” the very passionate love scenes flow naturally from the story’s progression. However, a note of caution–if passionate, vivid love scenes are not your thing, you may want to skip this one, or those pages  Reviewsicon wink

All in all, an enjoyable read–one that has perhaps the best description of the male object of desire I’ve ever read in a romance novel (hint: PP: 15-16)!

Bon Appetit!

The Man in the Black Top Hat

 Reviews5star1Very different ghost story!, By Autumn Nauling

Wow! This was a ghost story like no other I was so engrossed in the story that I found myself staying up late to finish it.

This was not a normal ghost story this was a paranormal entity story.
I have always been one of those people who do not truly believe in ghosts, but at the same time I have always believed that when you bring old things into your house there is a chance something could be attached to it.
We follow in first person what is going on with Syria and the ghost she has let into her house. But this isn’t a normal ghost this is a sexual hungry ghost. Who will stop at nothing to make sure he continues his sexual rampage towards Syria. Syria of course has no clue what is truly going on for a while and she hides it all too well from her husband which I found quite weird. Because I am wondering why her husband is not more questioning as to what exactly is going on? Why the more sudden not leave my side behavior that she is showing.

The only problems I had with the story is *POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT*

  1. Her daughters play a big part in her life but they are never fully developed within the story. I hope that makes sense.
  2. When all this first started, why didn’t she start researching what was happening? I know if something weird was going on within my house and I wanted answers but didn’t want to talk with anyone I would have so been looking online or in a library for answers.
  3. Jeff’s father leaves Syria the hat but why would he do that? This was never explored or answered. Why not give it to someone else? Or keep it? I believe this could have been explained.

If you like a good ghost story, with a lot of sexual things going on well then I highly suggest you pick this up. I was glad I got to read this book. Now reading the blurb I noticed it said inspired by a true story, I am intrigued as to know is this experience something this author went through? Or maybe a friend? Either way really good story minus the little problems I had.

The Human Element: A Collection of Short Stories

 Reviews5star1Nice Selection, By Eastcoast

I enjoyed reading this collection of short stories. They were all very interesting, no two were alike. I liked the first story in the collection, which was about Millie and Craig and how they fell in love at first sight. The other stories were interesting also, such as a mother’s miracle about Bernice and her children and her struggle to provide for them, but by far, my favorite was The Odor of Violet, with Damien and Lisa. I felt for Damien and saw how he struggled to be self-sufficient after his accident. I liked Lisa for him, but the story was too short to really get to know her. I hope the author gives her and Damien their own full story. I believe it would make for an interesting read.