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ENVISION is open for submissions. We have three new IMPRINTS–Romance, Children, and New Adults!

Submission Guidelines
ENVISION School Publishing is open for submissions. We are only considering the following types of submissions at this time. Please make sure you fill out our contact form and read our submission requirements before submitting.

-Thank you!

ENVISIONSchool Publishing Romance: Contemporary, Heated and Passionate, Sweet and Romantic, Paranormal and Historical.

Our authors travel all over the globe for love, and are able to show love is the same regardless of genre, location or affiliation. Contemporary romance is great, but so is historical and paranormal.Bring us your best, and we’ll do the rest.

Our children’s books are fresh, educational and entertaining. We believe every book should leave the reader better informed than when he/she first started reading it.
Our New adult books are meant to inform and entertain. This goes for all fiction books, which is the focus of our company.