Nothing But The Best

I will realistically assess your manuscript, and tell you honestly if I feel you need a light copy edit, a heavier developmental edit, or could benefit from more formalized writing instruction (or multiple options in between). If I feel I’m not the best editor for your particular project, I’ll refer you to someone else or allow you the option of selecting someone else.
My fee for evaluation starts at $150.00 for 50K and increases every 10K by $20.00. If I evaluate and then edit your manuscript, my fee is discounted 20% to reflect the evaluation. Line edit is $50.00 for anything less than 50K. It increases by $25.00 for every additional 10K. Deep edit: Rewriting, sentence structure, plot, consistency, etc. $250.00, for anything less than 50K. Over 50K, please contact me.

Ebook Conversion Service
I will format your ebook from any format (Word, PDF, etc) for $50.00. (unlimited revisions)
I will format your book for printing to CreateSpace, Lightning Source, etc. $125.00.

Book Covers:
I will design and set-up your book cover, using your graphic or mine, starting at $75.00.

Marketing Promotion Kit:
I will create a Marketing Kit for your book, which includes: Sell sheet, swags, (bookmark, postcard and Press Release), so you can promote it to your readers. I will do one revision. This is only one master kit. You’ll need all required information, brief synopsis, author’s bio, book cover, sale price, buy link, etc., to get this done. Contact me.