A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany

  A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany1

Charles thought he had an advantage working closely with Mel (Melissa Molyneux) as he did. But he began to despair when Craig Holland appeared on the scene. Did he? Could he–stand a chance?

With his swarthy skin and golden eyes, Craig Holland could pretty much get any woman he wanted – but only one has captured his heart – Mel. He wanted her to the exclusion of all else. If only he could get her to surrender to him, so he could unleash the passion he sensed hidden within her.

Mel had been pursued by men wherever she went. She had always been able to put them off with one of her condescending glances, until Craig Holland–The dark handsome plantation owner with the striking good looks and unusual eyes, captured her heart with one smoldering glance.

Should she surrender to his insatiable kisses and heated touch…? And then there was Charles…